The Guardian states “that the government will face calls this week to grant a complete amnesty and a permanent right to remain in the UK to undocumented residents of Grenfell Tower. Volunteers working with survivors say concerns about their migration status are still preventing some from coming forward to seek help. Councillors convening on Wednesday for the latest meeting of Chelsea and Kensington’s beleaguered council will be asked to vote on a motion calling on the government to go further than the temporary 12-month immigration “amnesty” for survivors, which was announced earlier this month by the Home Office.

The move comes as volunteer doctors working in the community affected by the fire said that they had noticed a fall-off in the number of people coming to the weekly clinics being run near to the tower.

“A lot of people seem to have gone under the radar. What we also seem to be seeing – even though Theresa May said that there would be no immigration checks on people who survived the fire – is a concern by some people about putting their name on to the NHS database, too. It’s something that people are afraid of.”

“Since the government announcement last week, we have come into contact with some people in this situation and, if there are more of them, we want them to have the confidence to come forward and speak to us,”.

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